Since 2008, Adam has helped more Iowa companies develop corporate sustainability strategy than anyone. He brought a series of leading CEOs and training to the state; became the first manager of sustainability for Kum & Go; launched the Iowa Sustainable Business Forum; wrote the book Sustainable Business in Iowa; and manages a local strategic consulting firm.

adam’s vision

A thriving state economy, with hundreds of Iowa businesses recognized as sustainability leaders in environmental and social good.

adam’s Mission

Create long-term sustainability strategies for Iowa businesses that avoid risk, reduce cost, improve recruitment and retention, and increase revenue. Using industry tools, we identify and prioritize the most relevant (“material”) financial, social, and environmental issues impacting your company, understand why, measure effectively, appoint champions to lead, and generate continuous improvement project lists starting with short-term return on investment.

Adam helps us with stakeholder engagement, environmental strategy, and our annual CSR Report. We have improved environmental scores for investors, saved substantial dollars every year, and provided leadership reassurance that we are working on the right initiatives.
Jennifer McCoy  Director of Corporate Communications   Meredith Corporation

Jennifer McCoy
Director of Corporate Communications
Meredith Corporation

Samantha Cecak  Regulatory Compliance Coordinator   ARAG Legal

Samantha Cecak
Regulatory Compliance Coordinator
ARAG Legal

Adam was very detailed and gave us great insights into several areas we could save money, be more efficient, and be more eco-friendly. In just a few months, we implemented several project recommendations while increasing employee involvement.

critical questions

  • Which financial/environmental/social issues are most relevant to our business?

  • How do we identify and prioritize those to save time and build momentum?

  • What types of measurements are effective at providing us with actionable responses?

  • How and when do we collect and evaluate data for decision-making and reporting?

  • How do we approach each initiative in ways that avoid risk, save money, recruit/retain top talent, and grow customers/revenues?

  • Which employees should lead each initiative moving forward?

  • What professional development do our internal champions need to be successful?

  • How and to whom should we communicate our efforts to achieve our desired results?


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